Midlands Rideshare, the Central Midlands ridesharing app.

Introducing Midlands Rideshare!

Ridesharing, the act of multiple people utilizing one vehicle, is a cost-effective way to improve air quality. Common examples include carpools, or just riding the bus. Commercial services, such as Uber and Lyft, have made ridesharing a popular transit option in the United States. These options provide a specific service on an individual level, but how do you organize ridesharing on a larger scale?

Introducing Midlands Rideshare. Midlands Rideshare is the web application that makes ridesharing easy. It comes with a suite of routing options that determine the best path to your destination based on your mode of transportation. Dynamic reporting tools automatically estimate how much money you save and how much you help improve air quality based on your commute. Search filters and integration with popular social media websites allow users to screen potential ridesharing partners.

Organizations may use these and other features to customize their own ridesharing webpage. Midlands Rideshare also makes it easy for organizations to incentivize their employees to utilize alternatives modes of transit, such as walking, biking, or riding the bus. Administrators may use management tools to share information with users, and provide prizes.

Midlands Rideshare is a free service available to both organizations and individuals in the Central Midlands region. Please contact Guillermo Espinosa at Central Midlands Council of Governments for additional information.

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